Governors Hall

Governors is located directly on the quad, right next to Stearns Hall. It features a large common area in the North wing basement which hosts building-wide programming. Students like Governors because it is convenient to the center of campus and campus life. The building contains double, single and triple rooms. Each floor has a common area. Floors are designated single-sex.

If the demand for substance-free housing exceeds space in Arthur, one or more floors in Governors Hall may receive this designation. This means that residents sign an agreement that they will not possess, consume or be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while in the building. (The agreement does not extend to pharmacy drugs prescribed by a doctor or the to possession of tobacco.)

Senators Hall

Senators Hall is located just down the hill from Governors Hall. Students like that it is somewhat removed from the hustle and bustle of campus and that it is close to SHAPE and the Visual Arts Center. The building has double, single, and triple rooms. Floors in Senators are designated single sex.