Stonehenge Complex

Stonehenge complex includes four residence halls:

Poland Hall and Rogers Hall are connected, and Arnold Hall and Bayley Hall are connected.

Each building has suites of seven student rooms (two singles, four doubles, and one triple) with 13 students per suite. Each suite is equipped with a kitchenette area (sink, refrigerator, and cabinets) and a bathroom. 

Arnold and Poland each have six suites, and Bayley and Rogers each have five suites. 

The first floor of Arnold Hall and the first floor of Rogers Hall are home to the student lounge, laundry room, game tables, television, and vending machines for the Arnold/Bayley and Rogers/Poland connected halls.

Arnold Hall is home to First-Year Housing, although first-year students are welcome to select housing other than First-Year Housing. 

In addition to general living, Bayley Hall also houses the 24-hour quiet floor, for those students who desire a lower-volume living experience.

Poland Hall is home to pet-friendly suites.