Performance, Arts, and Technology

Johnson CampusMajor

Prepare for a Career in Professional Theater, Set Design, or Performance Activism.

Make your impact. 

Northern Vermont University’s new bachelor of arts in performance, arts, and technology prepares you to succeed in the world of professional theater and performing arts. This major includes courses in several disciplines including traditional acting and music, immersive set design, digital and audio storytelling, and humanities. 

This program is the first degree in the country to place multi-disciplinary collaboration at the heart of its mission. You won’t just graduate as a performer or a designer — you will graduate as an artist ready to work on shows, installations, and modern gallery shows in today’s contemporary world.

To find your direction, you will focus on a concentration in dance, music, immersive design, theatre/musical theatre, or social justice and activism.

Collaboration runs deep in everything we do. 

You will work across concentrations to produce performances throughout the year — like the annual fall immersive show, spring musical, historical pieces, and dance performances. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate on storytelling skills as you work with cutting-edge technology to produce podcasts, engaging videos, and interactive digital media designs.