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Aim Higher with an Accounting Degree at Northern Vermont University

With an accounting degree, you’ll be able to speak the language of business and work in a high-demand industry. Nonprofit organizations, schools and hospitals, government agencies, and grassroots enterprises all need accountants.

Today’s accountant focuses on auditing controls — both preventive controls (designed to prevent errors or irregularities from happening) and forensic controls (designed to find errors or irregularities after they occur). They are trouble-shooters and puzzle-solvers with a knack for numbers and an eye for details.

At Northern Vermont University, you’ll work closely with faculty experts to build your own expertise in this growing field. Courses in mathematics, principles of marketing and economics, as well as different accounting fields, will prepare you to graduate with the skills that will make you stand out to prospective employers in this growth field.

Students with an accounting degree will be able to demonstrate:

• The proper recording of financial transactions as required by GAAP and IFRS
• The utilization of accounting information for analysis and management decision-making
• The necessary knowledge to sit for the Uniform CPA Exam

Accounting Majors at NVU Graduate with Two Degrees

The B.S. accounting degree is a dual program at Northern Vermont University.  Students will earn not only a B.S. in accounting but also a B.S. in business administration with a concentration in management.  The program is designed for students to finish both degrees in four years.

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