Follow your sense of purpose with an A.S. in computing from Northern Vermont University.   

Students in the associate of science in computing program at NVU-Lyndon learn about computer systems and the way humans and computers interact from a scientific perspective. You’ll get instruction in networking, hardware, security, databases, and system development. Our students gain a solid understanding of the technological infrastructure that drives the modern world and discover all the opportunities computer science offers for creativity and innovation.

You will graduate with a foundation of knowledge and problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to give you a competitive advantage in your career search, whatever computing field you choose.

Computer Information Systems

Earn a Computer Science Degree with Concentrations in Information Technology or Software Engineering

North never stops asking “What’s next?”

Computer information systems students at NVU-Lyndon are forward-thinking, technologically adept, inclined to adopt new approaches, and quick to adjust to change. As a student in this program, you’ll be encouraged by faculty and staff whose goal is the same as yours — defining your future and the path to get you there.

Technology drives big data, quick changes in computer information systems, and growth in the sciences. It’s an exciting time to explore computer science and math, and NVU graduates leave prepared for in-demand careers. Our alumni go on to work in finance, business, computer science, education, engineering, programming, and systems analysis. At NVU, you will be successful in small classes with personal attention from faculty who will advise and mentor you.

You’ll enhance your classroom learning with hands-on experience by interning at local businesses, working as a tutor to help fellow students grasp complex concepts, and traveling to present papers and posters at professional conferences.

Game Design

About the Concentration in Game Design

Learn the programming skills needed to put your animation and illustration talents to work in the growing field of game design. You’ll build on your core coursework in Northern Vermont University-Lyndon’s B.F.A. program, with classes in programming languages, character design, and life drawing to help you bring video games to life. This concentration gives you the skills and portfolio you need to gain a competitive edge in a job market that is growing at a rate of almost 12% annually. 

Students can also pursue game design as a minor.